Food Systems For Nutrition Innovation Lab

In Year 1, the Food Systems for Nutrition Innovation Lab (FSN-IL) and its consortium partners conducted a series of thematic scoping exercises. The overall intent of the scoping exercises and consultations was to:

  • Generate a preliminary census (identifying and listing) of innovations relevant across the food systems
  • Assess the technical viability, potential for scaling, and feasibility of such innovations in the real world
  • Help prioritize ‘best bet’ innovations for possible funding under upcoming FSN-IL calls for research for development proposals.

The following is the Theme 3 Scoping Exercise Report for the fiscal year 2022.


Action for Enterprise (AFE), Helen Keller International (HKI), and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)



August 2022


Research Themes 

Food Systems

Human and Institutional Capacity


Program and Policy Processes

Research for Development

Stakeholder Engagement



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Publication Type

Thematic Scoping Exercise Report