Food Systems For Nutrition Innovation Lab

Journal Articles

The state of food systems worldwide in the countdown to 2030

Abstract This analysis presents a recently developed food system indicator framework and holistic monitoring architecture to track food system transformation towards global development, health and sustainability goals. Five themes are considered: (1) diets, nutrition...
Journal Articles

Ensuring societal considerations are met when translating science into policy for sustainable food system transformation

Abstract Background: A food system transformation is needed to address food and nutrition security, minimise impacts on planetary health, reduce climate change emissions, and contribute to equity, diversity, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Scope and approach:...
Thematic Scoping Reports

Theme 1 Scoping Exercise Report

In Year 1, the Food Systems for Nutrition Innovation Lab (FSN-IL) and its consortium partners conducted a series of thematic scoping exercises. The overall intent of the scoping exercises and consultations was to: Generate a preliminary census (identifying and...