Food Systems For Nutrition Innovation Lab

We support innovations to make safe and nutritious food available for all

We identify promising food system innovations

We prevent food loss and waste

We enhance food safety

We collaborate with stakeholders across the food system

We generate rigorous research to support actions on the ground

We build human and institutional capacity for food system innovation

We work with businesses and innovators across the food system

Our Work

The Food Systems for Nutrition Innovation Lab (FSN-IL) promotes food system innovations, novel technologies and best practices to support improved diet quality, nutrition and resilience. Our goal is to identify, test and help scale up promising nutrition-sensitive food system solutions from around the world. We offer funding through competitive grants and prizes and engage with stakeholders across the private and public sectors.

Research for Development

Generating evidence on innovative food technologies and practices that support improved nutrition

Capacity Building

Supporting individuals and organizations in Africa and South Asia and within the United States

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborating across sectors to catalyze the uptake of food system innovations

Upcoming Events

Innovation Lab Council Regional Partners’ Meeting 2024 in Nepal

The Regional partners’ meeting, from April 22-24, 2024, will focus on identifying opportunities and strategies for evidence-based scaling of agri-food system innovations (individually and/or in bundles).

Recent Events

Webinar: Pursuing Food Systems Transformation Despite Financial Constraints

In this webinar, we discussed a surprisingly diverse range of actions that are relatively low-cost, or even cost-neutral as put forth by the Global Panel in their policy brief on ‘Pursuing food system transformation despite financial constraints’

Consultation in Nepal Day 2

Delivering for Nutrition in South Asia: Equity and Inclusion Conference

This conference brought together researchers, program implementers and policymakers working in and focusing on South Asia to deliberate innovative ways to transform diets and improve nutrition outcomes for all.  

Consultation in Nepal Day 2

Annual Partners Meeting 2023

FSN-IL’s first Partners Meeting brought together its consortium partners, expert advisory board, Tufts technical specialists, and USAID representatives in this two-day, discussion focused meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Consultation on Food System Innovations and Challenges in Malawi

This consultation brought together various stakeholders from across the country to prioritize knowledge gaps and deepen understanding of the facilitators and constraints facing businesses, policymakers, and entrepreneurs across Malawi’s food system.

Consultation in Nepal Day 2